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Media Contact and Public Information Officer (PIO)

City of Murfreesboro/Administration PIO: Mike Browning, 615-848-3245 (office), 615-642-3230 (mobile)
Twitter: @cityofmborotn

Additional Media Contacts:

  • Murfreesboro Police Department PIO: Sergeant Kyle Evans, 615-904-6530 (office)
  • Murfreesboro Police Department on Twitter: Kyle Evans @MboroPoliceDept
  • Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department PIO: Ashley McDonald, 615-893-1422 (office)

Additionally, The Communications Department is responsible for proactively providing accurate and timely city information to a wide array of city stakeholders to enhance public awareness of city programs, services, initiatives, and projects; increasing civic participation and engagement; communicating city policy; promoting transparency.

Communications disseminates city information to city stakeholders through utilization of Murfreesboro CityTV, the city website, social media, news releases, and media relations (television, radio, print, and web organizations).