Miscellaneous Charges

Non-Payment Fee - $40

Assessed on accounts that are 25 days past due and have a balance greater than $50. This condition may also result in an interruption of service.

Returned Payments Fee - $30

Assessed on payments that are returned from financial institution (e.g. insufficient funds, closed account, etc.).

Three returned items in a 1-year period will result in a customer being classified as cash-only for a period of six months.

After hours turn-on fee - $75

Assessed to customers who request to be reconnected after regular business hours (8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday). This fee is in addition to the $40 non-payment fee assessed above.

Late Fees (10% of past due balance excluding sales tax)

Bills are due fourteen (14) days after mailed. Balances not paid as of the due date are assessed a 10% late charge.

Cut Lock Fee - $25

Assessed when a customer cuts a lock off that has been placed by MWRD staff to prevent usage on an account that is not authorized to use water (e.g. non-payment, no record of service).

Equipment Damage – based on cost to repair

Assessed when a customer damages MWRD equipment including, but not limited to, the meter, the setter and water/sewer service lines that are the property of MWRD. Charge will include parts and labor.