Project Overview

MWRD has contracted with United Systems and Software (USS) to install Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in the Murfreesboro water distribution system. AMI includes new water meters (~26,000 in our system) equipped with radio transmitters, a radio telemetry system, and software interface to our Customer Information and Billing systems at the MWRD office. The new system will be more efficient, more accurate, and customer friendly. USS will provide project management, software installation and interfaces, and employee training over the life of the contract. They will also oversee and manage the following subcontractors to provide system components and installation.

  • Itron, Inc. will provide the radio telemetry system components and software
  • Badger Meters, Inc. will provide the new water meters
  • US Bronco, Inc. will install the new water meters

Murfreesboro Electric Department will install the radio telemetry components throughout the Murfreesboro water service area.

AMI Installation

Installation of meters and telemetry will begin in October 2015 and continue for approximately 12-15 months. Customers will be notified in advance by postcard that meter installation activity is in their area. Watch the video link above for all details of the installation process. After your new meter is installed a small yard sign will be placed next to your meter box. When you have the new meter installed, future water usage will be read remotely.

More Information

If you have other questions regarding this project, call MWRD Customer Service at (615) 848-3209. If you have concerns after your new meter is installed regarding the installation, call US Bronco at (615) 513-5729.