Back to the Source: Ways to Conserve Water

Water ConservationThe amount of water in the world will never change, but water conservation is still very important. For instance, in growing communities when new residents move in, a demand for water increases. This means that a water supplier oftentimes finds additional sources of water.

In some areas, these sources could be hard to find. If everyone conserved water, the demand wouldn’t increase as much. For this reason and many others, water conservation can lead to stable rates in the long run.

Conservation prohibits the postponing of capital improvements or new investments when the demand for water is not increased. Listed below are various ways you can conserve water to both lower utility costs for your household and help our environment.


  • Check your water meter on a consistent basis
  • Check for surface leaks by examining faucet gaskets and pipe fittings for any water outside of the pipes
  • If a triangular arrow appears to be spinning on your water meter, you may have a leak.
  • Many leaks can be fixed simply by replacing worn washers and gaskets, tightening or taping showerheads and replacing toilet flappers.


  • Aerators add air to water and help in conserving water because they reduce water from the tap to half the regular flow.
  • When mixed with water, an aerator makes small air bubbles in our tap water to keep it from splashing as much and it also enhances the taste of the water by making it less flat.  


  • Garden during the Spring and Autumn months when watering requirements are lower.
  • Use an adjustable hose nozzle for plant irrigation and be sure to shut water off at the house connection each time the exterior faucet is used.
  • If you have a pool, keep the water level low to minimize splashing, and use a cover to slow evaporation.


  • Use the garbage disposal sparingly.
  • Keep a container of water in the fridge instead of running tap.
  • Run dishwater only when it is full.

The main reason why the Murfreesboro Water Resources Department chooses to conserve water is to get it back to its source, so that it may be recycled for other needs in our environment. Conserving water helps to preserve our environment, and there are so many ways you too can help conserve water in and around the Murfreesboro area. From the ocean to the tap, let’s continue to make our world a water-conserving, environmentally sustainable place to live.

**For more information, about how to conserve water in or around your home, contact the Water Resources Department at 615-848-3209.

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