Stones River Water Treatment Projects

2020 Water Tank Repairs


Project Details

Project Name Tiger Hill, Mill Street and Halls Hill Water Tank Repair and Repainting
Project Location 800 County Farm Road, 405 Mill Street and 2015 Dora Rucker Road
Project Status Work in progress
Project Contact Alan Cranford, Water Treatment Plant Manager
About The Project The City of Murfreesboro Water Resources Department has contracted with Currens Construction Services, LLC to repair and repaint three drinking water storage tanks. The Mill Street Tank, located at 405 Mill Street, will see major renovations starting early March 2020 and last for several months. This will include removing all of existing paint, some minor structural improvements and repainting the interior and exterior of the tank. During this process a containment curtain will be put up around the tank to contain dust and residue from the sandblasting and painting operations. The Halls Hill Tank, located at 2015 Dora Rucker Road, will see major renovations starting late March 2020 and last for several months. The Tiger Hill Tank, located at 800 County Farm Road, will see minor renovations starting mid- to late- summer. The purpose of these renovations is not only to provide a nice look to the tank, but to protect and extend the life of the tank. These coating protect the structures from weather, pollutants, bacteria, corrosion and more. 
Estimated Project Cost $2,618,720.00