1. Roger Haley
  2. Financial Transparancy

    City of Murfreesboro’s Financial Transparency

    The City is committed to providing a transparent view of our financial data. Our Open Finance Portal provides a transparent look at the types of revenues collected and how those public funds are spent. Read on...
  3. Black History Month 2021 Graphic with Cultural Colors

    Celebrate Black History Month

    In honor of Black History Month, please enjoy this encore presentation from 2019 about The Murfreesboro Union. This paper provided news to African Americans in the early and mid-20th century. Watch Video
  4. Parks Facililties Status

    Status of Parks & Recreation Facilities and Programs due to COVID-19

    Find out the current status of Parks & Recreation facilities, programs, and events due to COVID-19. Read on...
  5. Stay Connected

    Stay Connected

    Stay Connected allows you to subscribe to an unlimited number of email lists and text messages to be notified when such things as a City Council agenda has been published on this website as well as City Alerts and other city information. Read on...
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