Murfree Spring Wetlands

Murfree Spring Wetlands is a 25-acre city park under the jurisdiction of the City of Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department. It is located at the corner of Maney and Broad streets. Walking trails and raised boardwalks wind through the wetlands, while the plaza area boasts an amphitheater and water features. The area offers parking, restrooms and a playground, all of which has easy access to the Discovery Center, a hands-on children’s museum.
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Productive Ecosystems

Wetlands are among the most productive ecosystems in the world, comparable to rain forests and coral reefs. The restoration and preservation of this irreplaceable resource in Murfreesboro serves not only local wildlife, but also teaches our citizens to love, appreciate, and protect wetlands everywhere.

Education & Learning

The site was once a water treatment plant that now teaches young and old alike about the role water plays in our everyday lives. Its presence on the site was a guiding theme in the design. Targeted towards a child’s curiosity and sense of whimsy, the railings, fountains, and paving patterns have been designed to capture the industrial and mechanical look of the equipment in the old plant and the fluid characteristics of water in the environment. Several pieces of old pump equipment were salvaged from the water treatment plant and refurbished as environmental sculptures in the plaza.

Silhouettes of popular wetland flora and fauna form interactive interpretive signage along the boardwalks. A retaining wall becomes the History Wall, depicting a timeline of the area from prehistoric to current happenings on the site. Stepping stones through a pond-like water feature demonstrate an aquatic food chain. Opportunities for learning abound.