The videos from May 31, 2020 Murfreesboro Protest are being made available consistent with Tennessee Public Records Act. *DISCLAIMER:  Viewer discretion is advised, portions of some of the videos may contain profanity. 

Responsibilities & Goals

The Murfreesboro Police Department (MPD) is committed to the protection of life and the prevention of crime and disorder in support of our ultimate goal of creating a better quality of life for citizens, visitors, and ourselves. To accomplish this goal, we need the help and support of all members of our community.

As a community-policing department, we are interested in building partnerships with community members in order to improve our ability to solve problems, prevent crime, and improve the quality of our police services.

Questions & Suggestions

Please feel free to contact our department at any time with questions about police services or suggestions for improvement. The information desk telephone number is (615) 849-2MPD(673)

Alert Rutherford

Sign up for free, life-saving emergency alerts through Alert Rutherford. Public safety officials use this timely and reliable system to alert you and your family in the event of natural or man-made disasters. Don't wait until its too late, sign up here.
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Citizens Police Academy

Murfreesboro Police Department's Citizens Police Academy is now accepting applications. You may download the application and send or deliver it to the address listed or drop by the Police Department at 1004 N. Highland Ave. The class is free to anyone interested. Contact the program coordinator Sgt. Amy Denton at 629-201-5580 for more information. 

This is not an application for employment.

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2019 JAG Grant Notice


Murfreesboro Police Department (MPD) and the Rutherford County Sheriff’s
Office (RCSO) annually accept funds from the Department of Justice to fund
equipment purchase programs.  This year the MPD proposes to purchase
less than lethal Taser Devices in effort to provide more less lethal options for
officers faced with a combative suspect.  The RCSO proposes to purchase
45 Ultra Stinger LED flashlights for patrol units and 45 Stinger Spike Systems
for patrol units. The Spike systems are used to stop high speed vehicle
pursuits; deputies deploy them in an effort to deflate the suspect’s tires. They may
also utilize this equipment to successfully resolve these types of situations
ultimately getting the person to surrender. This method has been used to
safely decelerate a situation for the safety of the officers and public. In addition,
RCSO will purchase 9 radio replacement batteries. 

Anyone who wishes to comment on either program may call Archie Arroyo at the MPD (615) 849-2673 or Reba Carleton at the RCSO at (615) 849-4898.

Volunteer Chaplain Program

The MPD is currently taking applications for Volunteer Chaplain. If you are interested, check out the media release and job description located on the Media Release section of this site. For additional information contact Lt. Garry Carter at (629) 201-5569.

A Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation Program Agency

The Murfreesboro Police Department received 2nd Award of Accreditation in July 2016 and the 1st Award in 2013. To accomplish this, the MPD had to prove and maintain compliance with over 160 standards established by the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police, Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission. These standards are designed to ensure agencies provide quality police services to the community as well as reduce liability for the department and officers.

TLEA Accreditation is a symbol of law enforcement excellence and of our ongoing commitment to create a better quality of life for citizens and visitors by providing outstanding public safety services for the City of Murfreesboro.

Accreditation Cling