Crime Data Analyst


Crime Data Analyst
General Description:
The purpose of this position is to perform skilled administrative, strategic and technical duties to provide analysis and data evaluation, for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of police operations and informed decision making.

Essential Functions:
    Performs statistical and analytical research involving the use of various computer statistical programs for quantitative analysis of crime statistics. Provides statistical reports as directed from the Police Chiefs office as requested for the City Manager, City Council, City departments, law enforcement agencies, community groups, and the public.
    Gathers and analyzes crime data for crime pattern detection, suspect-crime correlations, target-suspect profiles, and crime forecasting. Establishes methods to gather data from a large variety of sources and systems. Analyzes the accuracy and reliability of crime data collection and analysis sources and develops more effective methods and sources.
    Submits updated crime information to the command staff on serious crime and crime patterns in a timely manner.
    Compiles data to create patrol maps and crash maps; evaluates and interprets information; selects essential elements, correlates new information with existing information, identifies trends, patterns, and other relationships among data points.
    Composes concise but comprehensive reports of findings to police personnel, outside agencies and members of the community.
    Analyzes telephone records; tabulates and categorizes call activity by caller/recipient, geography, and demographics; completes cross tabulation of data to show relationships and trends.
    Responds to ad hoc requests for reports and/or analysis to support CID staff and other police personnel.
    Coordinates with outside law enforcement agencies to exchange data to assist with cross-jurisdictional crimes.
    Monitor social media platforms for the purpose of intelligence gathering and situational awareness.
    Ability to do research methods and techniques; descriptive statistics; multivariate statistical methods; data mining; types of crimes and modus operandi associated with gang-related crime, drug-related crime, and white-collar crime; and requirements for intelligence file creation, retention, dissemination, and purging.
    Ability to perform occasional overtime work and be available to flex hours to report to work early and/or stay late, to include holidays and weekends.
    Maintains confidentiality about information learned on the job and can deal with sensitive information.

Physical Demands:
    Performs work that involves walking or standing some of the time.
    Involves exerting up to 10 pounds of force on a regular and recurring basis and sustained keyboard operations. Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:
    Requires a minimum of bachelor's degree in criminal justice, criminology, statistics, computer science, public or business administration, mathematics or related field OR a combination of education, law enforcement and/or military experience utilizing data analysis.

Special Certifications and Licenses:
    Must have a valid driver's license.

The City of Murfreesboro is an Equal Opportunity Employer.