Field Training & Evaluation Program (FTEP)

The FTEP consists of a 21-week on the job training program
for newly hired police officers. This training is divided
into two sections including eight weeks of classroom
orientation training in a static/ semi-dynamic atmosphere
and 15 weeks of training in patrol with certified Field Training Officers (FTOs) assigned on a rotating basis.


Orientation consists of 8-weeks of classroom and practical aptitude styles of training for non-certified recruit officers or those recruit officers with limited time on the streets. This training will give non-certified officers the training needed to prepare them for the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and for the Field Training and Evaluation Program.  During Orientation Recruit Officers will take various written tests to ensure retention and understanding of material covered.  Testing includes:

  • A pre-orientation test
  • 10-code/ phonetic alphabet testing
  • ASP Baton practical and written test
  • EVOC test with practical aptitude
  • CPR/ Tactical First Aide
  • Tennessee and NCIC/ TIES exam
  • Firearm qualifications for both pistol and shotgun
  • OC spray exposure
  • Defensive Tactics instruction and practical aptitude testing
  • A post-orientation test

Certified Officers with experience will complete a three-week orientation that will focus on the training required by the Murfreesboro Police Department and to ensure those officers are trained in accordance to the policies of the Murfreesboro Police Department.  


Each recruit officer is evaluated daily and his/her performance is reviewed and discussed.  This process enables the FTO to provide immediate feedback in order to enhance their performance.  An FTO Sergeant monitors each recruit during the 15-week period and produces a weekly written evaluation on the recruit’s performance. Each recruit must complete four phases of the program to reach the required goal of a fully trained officer capable of assignment to solo duties. At the end of each phase the recruit officer will complete a written exam for that phase. Upon completion of the 15-week field training program recruit officers take a final written exam consisting of all the material they have learned during the 8-week orientation and the 15-week field training program.


Certified Recruit Officers are eligible, based on experience and performance, to complete a 10-week accelerated Field Training and Evaluation Program.  The accelerated program is based on the performance of the Officer at the end of four-weeks and by the recommendation of the Field Training and Evaluation Coordinator.


Additionally, the FTEP is affiliated with the National Association of Field Training Officers and the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Officers Association. The Training Staff acts as department liaison between the department and the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy (TLETA).