Rates & Fees


MWRD strives to keep our charges for water and wastewater under the federal EPA guidelines of 4% of federal low income levels.


MWRD recently installed new meters for our entire 26,000+ customers. The new meters are more accurate in measuring water flow, therefore ensuring that each customer pays for the correct amount of water consumed and wastewater treated.

Service Charges

MWRD maintains 441 miles of water distribution lines and 650 miles of wastewater collections lines for its customers. We charge a fixed minimum fee based on meter size to cover a portion of the costs for facilities and infrastructure necessary to provide drinking water to and collect wastewater from our customers.

Rate Schedule and Sample Bill Amounts

Water and Wastewater Connection Fees

Basic connection fees remained unchanged at $1,200 and $2,550 per single family unit, respectively. Our latest Cost of Service Study calculated suggested water and wastewater connection fees of $1,700 and $3,300, respectively.

Wastewater Special Assessment Districts

MWRD has extended wastewater collection systems in several areas of the city in anticipation of growth. To recoup the costs of the expansions, MWRD charges a Sanitary Sewer Special Assessment District fee in addition to the standard connection fees. See the Assessment District map for related fees.