Primary Care & Hope Clinic


The City of Murfreesboro donated a 2.5 acre parcel to the Primary and Hope Clinic. The Primary Care and Hope Clinic provides low cost health care to the working poor and noninsured residents in the community.

The nonprofit organization was organized by a group of citizens seeking better health care for all of its communities’ families.


The Primary Care and Hope Clinic currently experiences over 19,500 visits per year, which is more than some rural county hospitals. Last year, the clinic served 4,000 uninsured patients and provided services valued at $362,000. Because of the increased demand for health care by the uninsured and TennCare patients, the clinic's caseload outgrew its facility.

The city donated a location in the Gateway due to the relocation of both the hospital and medical clinic. Murfreesboro area physicians donate their time to see Primary Care and Hope Clinic patients.

New Location Move

Primary Care and Hope Clinic moved into their new location in January 2009.