Historic Zoning

Going, going, gone...That's what could happen if steps aren't taken now to preserve our heritage. The City of Murfreesboro created the Murfreesboro Historic Zoning Commission in the 1980s to slow the modernization process and in so doing capture some of the past. At the same time, a historic district overlay was created.

Historic Zoning Commission

The Murfreesboro Historic Zoning Commission was created through state enabling legislation that allowed cities to create historic zoning commissions in order to preserve historic sites and structures within their jurisdictions. The Murfreesboro Planning Department provides staff personnel to assist the Historic Zoning Commission in its endeavors.

The planning staff is available to assist the public in obtaining information pertaining to questions about historic zoning, historic preservation, buildings permits in the historic zoning district, certificates of appropriateness, remodeling, or any other related matter. Information provided on this page should be a starting point.


The Historic Zoning Commission is composed of nine members consisting of a representative of a local patriotic or historical organization; an architect, if available; a member of the local planning commission at the time of such person's appointment; and the remaining members shall be appointed from the community in general. The Historic Zoning Commission is appointed by mayor, subject to confirmation by City Council.


Public Hearing

The Historic Zoning Commission holds a public hearing every third Tuesday of every month. The calendar that shows the deadlines and meeting dates for the Historic Zoning Commission is below:


Agenda packets for the Historic Zoning Commission can be found at the following link: