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Metabolic Burn----8:15-9:15am-
Total Body-9:15-10:15am-9:15-10:15am
Tai Chi-10:30-11:15am
Back to Basics10:00am-10:15am---
Functionally Fit




Rock the Bells5:15-6:15pm-----

Back to Basics
Working at improving muscle strength and movement patterns for a better aligned and mobile body, the movements in this class use body weight only and take place standing, seated, and possibly on the floor.

Functionally Fit
This is a strengthening class that will use weights, body weight, bands, and more to help build muscle and improve mobility.

Metabolic Burn
Short intense bouts of strength and cardio training followed by short periods of rest. This style of training helps the body burn calories and fat throughout the day.

Combining explosive dance movement and boot camp toning, this class provides a heart-pounding, high intensity workout.

This 45-minute muscle building class is perfect for beginners, seniors and intermediate exercisers. This class includes standing and floor work and may use body weight, hand weights, bands and balls. Light cardio bursts may also be included.

Rock the Bells
This low weight, high rep full body toning class is choreographed to music for that little extra motivation.

Step & Tone
This class consists of basic and advanced moves using a traditional aerobic step. It is designed for most fitness levels and consists of moderate to high impact cardiovascular movements. This class may include standing and floor work and may use body weight, hand weights, bands and balls.

Tai Chi
Based on an ancient Chinese discipline, this class consists of slow movements, gentle postures, deep breathing and relaxed minds and bodies Perfect for all ages and skill levels, this class consists of standing and moving postures, but chairs will be available if needed.

Total Body
This class concentrates on muscle-building techniques and activities for intermediate to advanced exercisers. It includes standing and floor work and may use body weight, hand weights, weighted bars, ands and gals Light cardio bursts may also be included.

A great way to wind down, Yoga focuses on improving your balance and flexibility while reducing stress. For beginning and intermediate levels.

Zumba® is a dynamic and fun dance-based fitness program that fuses Latin rhythms with international music themes. It combines the principles of interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning. All fitness levels are welcome.