MPRD Projects

Richard Siegel Soccer Complex 

In 2020, the City of Murfreesboro partnered with the Tennessee State Soccer Association to relocate their headquarters to Murfreesboro, which will lead to a significant local economic impact. As part of this agreement, the City has committed to enhance the Richard Siegel Soccer Complex by transitioning 8 natural turf fields to artificial turf, build a 100,000 indoor performance center, light an additional 6 fields at the Jordan Farm fields, add a permanent restroom facility at the Jordan Farm fields and build an office / retail space that will be lease to TSSA and a retail partner. 

To date, the following have been complete:

  • 4 artificial fields have been complete and open; the remaining 4 fields are currently under construction, with completion estimated in spring 2022 
  • Jordan Farm fields are lit and open for use 
  • The indoor performance center is currently in construction (pictured below)
  • Jordan Farm restroom facility construction contract has been awarded 
  • The office / retail space is currently being designed and expected to be bin in spring 2022

Siegel Soccer

Mcknight Park 4 Field Complex Renovation 

The 4 field complex is at McKnight Park is currently having all fencing, back stops, dugouts, and foul poles replaced. Estimated completion is spring 2022. 

Greenway Bridge Repairs 

Replacement of decking and structural repairs to the three-way bridge that connects Fortress Rosecrans, Old Fort Park, and Thompson Lane trailhead will begin in February 2022 and is expected to last 60 days. 

Star Plex Playground 

The replacement of the playground at the Star Plex ballfields at McKnight Park will begin in May 2022. The layout of the new playground is shown below.

Screenshot 2022-02-01 162607

Walter Hill Park 

Plans and specifications have been completed to renovate the entrance to the park along with repaving the parking areas and correcting storm water drainage issues. The US Corps of Engineers is currently reviewing the plans. Once approved by the US Corps of Engineers, work will begin. Plans for the repair work is shown below.

Walter Hill Plans