Wellness Program


The City of Murfreesboro values each of its employees and is pleased to partner with GO365 for a new and exciting wellness venture. This voluntary wellness program, known as BORO-FIT, encourages a healthy lifestyle and rewards employees for taking steps to improve and continue healthy behaviors. The program offers simple and fun ways to integrate healthy behavior into a person's everyday life.

Local Partnering Gyms

Several local workout facilities, including Patterson Park and Recreation and Sports*Com, partner with GO365. With the use of Bluetooth, these facilities broadcast a unique identifier to nearby mobile devices, and, in coordination with the compatibility of the GO365 app, will share the visit information for a member of the program to receive recognition for their workouts. Earn points, too!

City of Murfreesboro Wellness Champions

Do you have questions about the wellness program and don't know who to ask?  Check out the  Wellness Champion List .  They can be found throughout City facilities encouraging and supporting employees in achieving their wellness goals.

Additional Wellness Information