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Posted on: March 10, 2017

Recycling with ‘All In One Recycling’ and Scrappy Raider in ‘Adventures in Murphry’s Burrow’

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Recycling is one way residents can do their share to keep solid waste from piling-up at the Middle Point landfill.  Murph learns all about trash and recycling from Stephanie Roach, the educational director for All In One Recycling.  The March 2017 episode of “Adventures in Murphry’s Burrow” is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/JMbXqhFMOOE.

This month’s episode also introduces a new character with an environmentally-friendly flare.  A raccoon, “Scrappy Raider Rutherford,” lives in a trash can but exhibits a strong can-do spirit.   Scrappy encourages Rutherford County residents to recycle their trash and help beautify the community.  The voice behind Scrappy is none other than Nancy Phillips, the long-time voice of Murph and producer of the monthly show. 

Middle Point landfill is expected to reach capacity in no more than 8 years. At that time, taxpayers will lose free use of the landfill – worth at least $4 million annually – and the county will lose about $900,000 a year paid by other counties that use Middle Point. The Rutherford County Solid Waste Advisory/Steering Council is looking for potential solutions.  Recycling is one part of possible solutions.  

“We can all recycle a lot more than we are doing,” said Rutherford County Mayor Ernest Burgess, a member of the Council.  “Now that’s only a small piece of the total percentage of volume that’s going in [the landfill] but this whole process it’s going to take a lot more discipline on the part of every one of us and our families to minimize what’s going in, especially when we have to start paying for somebody else to ship it or process it.” 

The March episode of “Adventures in Murphry’s Burrow” features:
• Stephanie Roach, educational director at All In One Recycling, a private recycling company in Rutherford County.  Recycling is taking a material that has been used and converting it into something that can be used again.
• Learn about recycling bins and convenience centers.
• Find out about the different types of plastics that are sorted by All In One Recycling at the MRF or Material Recovery Facility.
• Learn about the Life Cycle of a Plastic Milk Jug, a process of cutting, melting and remolding plastics for reuse.
• Stephanie shares books about recycling, The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle, Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth, and I Stink.
• Scrappy Raider and John make Toilet Paper Roll Seed Pots with toilet paper rolls, scissors, tape, dirt and seeds.

For a list of recycling centers, visit www.allinonerecycling.com/where-to-recycle

Murph is an inquisitive rabbit who visits unique and interesting people and places in Murfreesboro and interviews guests that visit his burrow. When you’re with Murph in the Burrow, its one big adventure after another.

You can also watch “Adventures in Murphry’s Burrow” anytime online on the City’s website at www.murfreesborotn.gov/murph or watch CityTV (AT&T Uverse Channel 99/Comcast Xfinity in Murfreesboro on Channel 3 and Roku) Sun., Mon., Wed., Sat. at 9:00 a.m.; Monday – Friday at 3:30 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. Past episodes can be viewed at our You Tube channel at www.youtube.com/cityofmurfreesboro

“Adventures in Murphry’s Burrow” is created by producer-writer Nancy Phillips. The program is directed and edited by CityTV’s John Padgett in the City of Murfreesboro Communications Department. 

For City News online, visit www.Murfreesborotn.gov
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