Stormwater User Fee

Murfreesboro City Council passed on third reading, July 19, 2007, an ordinance to establish a stormwater user fee to be applied to all properties within the city. The rate was set by resolution.

Residential homeowners pay a fee of $3.25 per month and owners of non-single family residential properties will pay a fee based on the amount of impervious surfaces on the property (e.g., pavement, concrete, rooftop, sidewalk), at $3.25 per SFU (3,470-square-feet) per month.

Stormwater Presentation

A presentation that was given to the Murfreesboro City Council covers:

  • How the stormwater user fee was derived
  • The history of the city’s stormwater permit
  • What the monies will go towards in stormwater management activities inside the city limits of Murfreesboro.

Stormwater User Fee Credits

City stormwater staff assigns new development a credit based on the stormwater quality and quantity management installed on site. Existing non-residential properties may be able to obtain a reduction in fee.

For industrial facilities this includes controls imposed by the NPDES program. For schools this includes certain educational programs.