Communications - CityTV

The Communications Department is responsible for proactively providing accurate and timely city information to a wide array of city stakeholders to enhance public awareness of city programs, services, initiatives, and projects; increasing civic participation and engagement; communicating city policy; promoting transparency.

The department disseminates city information to city stakeholders through utilization of Murfreesboro CityTV, the city website, and social media. 

Additionally, the department is responsible for disseminating internal communications to city employees through training and communication videos; assisting citizens in resolving Comcast cable television issues; serving as support staff for the Murfreesboro Cable Television Commission which oversees and enforces the local Comcast cable television franchise agreement (excluding rate regulation), the policies regarding the operation of CityTV, and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding cable television issues. The mission of Murfreesboro CityTV is to promote the education of City residents concerning local government by cablecasting and video web streaming meetings of the City Council, and their sub-committees, commissions, and boards; inform residents about programs and public services offered by the City; present educational and cultural programs; provide forums for discussion on Murfreesboro issues; explain the opportunities for citizen participation and engagement in programs and services; provide information on public health, safety and welfare issues.