Stormwater Management Plan

The City is building a comprehensive, written Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP). The plan will include documents of policy and procedures, procedural flow charts, technical memoranda, goals, and performance measures.

Policies and procedures being included in the SWMP are available to view.

NameSWMP Number / Reference
Ordinance (City Code)03.030, 04.046
ERP - City Code 27 1/2 - 14, 15, 3210.110-118
PIE Plan01.010
Sampling program overview
Watershed Cycle
Monitoring Plan20.120 ff; 40.140 ff

Public Education recordsfiles
Public Participation recordsfiles
MS4 Map03.031
IDDE reports03.032-034
Complaints, records10.117, files
CGP / LDP plans review04.047
CGP inspections04.048, 049
SCM plans review05.066
SCM inspection SOP05.084
PPGH O&M Plans06.101
Employee training06.102
BMPs for impaired waters40.142
Water Quality Protection Areas
Stream Quality Improvement Projects
Pollution Reduction Summaries

Monitoring program20.120 ff; 40.140 ff
Annual report, evalution00.005