Reclaimed Water

reclaimed vs faucet

One of the results of the Murfreesboro Water Resource Recovery Facility (MWRRF) treatment process is reclaimed water. Reclaimed water is utilized on-site at the treatment plant for irrigation and for plant process water. It is also used at:

  • MWRRF’s farms - Coleman and Jordan farms
  • Siegel soccer fields
  • Stones River Country Club Golf Course
  • The Avenues
  • The Gateway Village

Murfreesboro has been a leader in this area for two decades and during that time has been recognized with many awards for excellence. The City provides a high-quality water at a very low price. Customers receive a tremendous value and the environment benefits from a sustainable, recycled resource.

Photo: The bottle on the left is drinking water and the bottle on the right is Murfreesboro Water Resources Recovery Facility's (MWRRF) Reclaimed Water, which has the drinking water standards of the 70's. Can you tell the difference?