Maintenance Plan

Stormwater quality controls (ponds, bioretention, pervious concrete, sediment capture vaults, etc.) need regular maintenance:

  • management of vegetation
  • removal of sediment
  • litter pick-up
  • cleaning of underground treatment units

Every few years, more extensive maintenance or repair will be needed.

The maintenance plan communicates the expected maintenance issues of a stormwater treatment system. The documents shown below are available to build a maintenance plan. A complete, signed maintenance plan is a requirement prior to obtaining a Land Disturbance Permit.

Several items must be attached to the maintenance plan:

  • a diagram of the site showing stormwater facilities
  • diagrams showing details of the stormwater control measures (SCMs)
  • checklists for inspecting the SCMs

Please complete the plan in digital format and add attachments as a PDF document. Submit to Michele Pinkston at, with copy to Shelby Oliver at

The facilities diagram is an uncluttered diagram of the site, identifying location of the site, showing building and pavement footprints and the stormwater control measures on site. The detail sheets – which can be excerpted from construction plans – will be useful to on-site operators and inspectors of the SCMs.

Inspection and maintenance checklists shown below may be used as a part of the maintenance plan. These checklists may modified or tailored to your own checklists. On-site personnel use these checklists to inspect stormwater control measures.

Inspection & Maintenance Checklists
Sand Filter
Proprietary Treatment Device