Maintenance Agreement

The maintenance agreement is a form document whereby the property owner agrees to maintain stormwater control facilities in fully functioning condition. The developer and land owner must have this agreement prepared, signed by owner and creditor (with signatures notarized) and delivered to City stormwater staff for signatures.

Please submit a complete and signed maintenance agreement and plan prior to obtaining a Land Disturbance Permit. The forms are listed below.

The agreement form must include accurate reference to Record Book and Plat Book (if platted). A legal description of the property must accompany the agreement, and a diagram of the stormwater control measures. A simple diagram is the best type of diagram to go with the agreement. A legal description and diagram (on 8½ x 14 paper in grayscale) is ideal for recording at the Register’s Office.

  • Prepare agreement with the legal description of property where stormwater controls (SCMs) will be located, and diagram of the property showing SCMs.
  • Have agreement signed by property owner, with signatures notarized.
  • Submit agreement to MWRD Engineering Department with pre-construction package.

We advise you to submit a draft maintenance plan and agreement ahead of time so that the City can verify completeness and accuracy before you submit the signed copies.

Maintenance Agreement Forms