Stream Restoration Projects

Garrison Creek

Garrison Creek, formerly known as Big Ditch, is a tributary of Bushman Creek which runs alongside Lascassas Pike and Rutherford Blvd. Because of a lack of stream-like characteristics it was managed as a ditch for many years which included mowing. In 2012 the Tennessee Environmental Council, the City Of Murfreesboro, MTSU, and the Stones River Watershed Association teamed up to restore Garrison Creek. Over the years, the partnership has targeted issues facing the stream through:

  • tree plantings
  • education and outreach
  • algae pulls
  • clean-ups

 Garrison Creek is slowly transitioning to a healthy stream with diverse habitat.

Spring Branch

Spring Branch runs through Old Fort Park and enters Lytle Creek. Streamside vegetation and several parking areas were directly connected to the stream.

During a 2010 restoration, the following activities helped to increase the water quality and biological diversity in Spring Branch:

  • Native shrubs and tree seedlings were planted allowing a vegetative buffer to grow along the stream
  • Parking lots were retrofitted with pavers to allow water to infiltrate instead of flowing directly to the stream.
  • Swales were enhanced and bioretention areas were built that use native vegetation and natural material to treat stormwater.
  • Volunteer events led by the Stones River National Battlefield removed invasive plant species allowing native plants to thrive.