Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

MWRD completed installation of AMI water meters in the Murfreesboro water distribution system in June 2017. The new water meters (26,000+ in our system) are equipped with radio transmitters, a radio telemetry system, and software interface to our Customer Information and Billing systems at the MWRD office. The new system is more efficient, more accurate and customer friendly.

When tracking water usage using AMI, a customer's consumption usually reaches the 100W & Leak Sensor Box. From there a signal is sent out to a fixed network which then distributes the information to a meter reader's handheld, network software, and Itron Analytics. Then, an MWRD Back Room representative is made aware of the leak through customer account software such as GIS and CIS. 

AMI Portal Process

Metered water usage is read every month remotely. Meter box lids should be kept clear of obstructions to prevent signal interference. Grass, leaves, or other obstructions should be kept from covering the meter box lid.

If you have questions regarding your water meter, call MWRD Customer Service at (615) 848-3209.