Policies, Procedures and General Design Requirements Manual

Engineering DesignsThe Water Resources Board and City Council have adopted the Policies, Procedures, and General Design Requirements Manual. These policies and procedures were put out for public comment to stakeholders in January of 2009. All comments were acknowledged and the majority was incorporated into the manual.

The main goals of this manual are the following:

  • Acquaint developers with MWRD’s standard development contract conditions.
  • Answer front-end questions of potential developers as to how to receive approval for water, sanitary sewer, or re-purified water service.
  • Address requirements for acquiring permanent utility easements for any off-site improvements associated with a proposed development.
  • Advise engineering design and survey consultants of design requirements and standard practices expected of MWRD in hydraulic calculation submissions, construction drawing standards, and cut sheet data.
  • Inform developers of required stormwater best management practices (BMP’s) associated with construction site runoff control and post-construction runoff treatment.
  • Resolve any system capacity concerns through flow monitoring studies and pump station monitoring.