Finance & Tax

Open Finance Portal

Easy access to City financial data is available using the Open Finance Portal

Citizens and visitors can browse real-time data related to the City’s financial records in a user-friendly format.  The information is updated nightly to reflect the most accurate and timely financial transactions in the growing City of Murfreesboro.  The Open Finance Portal includes the City’s General Fund, the Murfreesboro Water Resources Department and the Murfreesboro Stormwater Fund.

Finance, Tax & Records Department 
The Finance and Tax Department, while accounted for within the general administration function, has significant duties and responsibilities. The Finance Department manages and monitors the City’s financial position. They maintain accurate and timely reporting of revenues and expenditures for all City financial activities. They are responsible for cash management, debt planning and long-range financial planning. 

City Services
The services of this department include city property taxesbusiness licensesbeer and liquor permits, hotel/motel taxes, the city budget, accounts payable and records of the City Council meetings. 

The staff of the Finance Department strives to provide efficient, courteous and accurate service in all areas of the department. Our goal is to do our very best to serve you in a professional manner. 

Finance Director, City Recorder & Treasurer
The Finance Director, City Recorder and Treasurer, Jennifer Brown, is the head of the fiscal department of the city and is also responsible for keeping records of City Council meetings.  She is the custodian of public records, bonds, ordinance books and the accounting system of the city. The position is appointed by City Council.

The budget is approved by two readings of the City Council and is presented for public comment before being officially adopted as law for the next fiscal year. Municipal budgets and financial audit reports are available for review.

Tax Department
The Tax Department maintains accounting records, deposits and funds for all City departments. This department receives all City tax payments and issues business license issuances and permits related to beer and liquor. These transactions keep this department in constant contact with the public. This department works closely with the City Manager and the legal department and is responsible for recording City Council actions, Resolutions and Ordinances. 

Property Tax
Property tax records are available online for your use. Tax notices are mailed the first of October. If you have not received your notice by the second week of October, please contact the Tax Department by calling 615-893-5210, or come by our department located on the first floor of City Hall, 111 West Vine Street in Murfreesboro.

Tax Payment
All city taxes are due and payable by December 31.  After this date, additional penalties and interest are due. Your taxes must be paid by cash, check, money order or credit card.  We do not accept bank counter checks or two-party checks. Credit card payments will incur a credit processing fee. Please write your 5-digit receipt number on all checks or money orders. Partial property tax payments are accepted according to policies set forth by Murfreesboro City Council. We encourage you to pay early to avoid standing in long lines in December. There is not a discount offered for early payment. 

Avoid the lines and use the City's online payment option.

Awards & Recognition
For each of the previous 23 consecutive years, the City of Murfreesboro has received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting awarded by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). This is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting. Additionally, the City has been awarded the GFOA Budget Award for 11 consecutive years.

City Recorder 
The Tax Department is headed by the City Recorder, Jennifer Brown, who is appointed by the City Council. The City Recorder is the head of the Finance Department of the City and is also responsible for keeping records of City Council meetings, and is the custodian of public records, bonds, ordinance books and the accounting system of the City.