2040 Major Transportation Plan

The 2040 Major Transportation Plan is a long-range plan that identifies the location and type of roadway facilities that are needed to meet the projected long-term growth within the city limits of Murfreesboro.  The Plan is not simply a list of road construction projects, but rather it is a tool to enable the City to preserve future corridors for transportation system developments as those needs arise.  Future changes in technology, cost, service demands, growth patterns and long-term economic shifts require us to take a farsighted approach to transportation planning decisions.

There are two key concepts to remember when reviewing the projects proposed within the 2040 Major Transportation Plan. First, the future will look different than today.  Existing roadways are categorized in the plan according to their anticipated future function, which may not be the same function that they currently serve.  Some of the proposed roadways may not be constructed for many years, if not decades, if ever.  The timing of construction will depend on a myriad of factors including actual development activities, priorities set by the community and elected officials, and available capital and other resources.  Second, many of the proposed routes are conceptual only.  For long-term planning purposes, proposed roadways are often presented as conceptual alignments; meaning that they are not intended to reflect exact routes.  Actual construction and specific routes will be determined much later through preliminary engineering and design activities.

The 2040 Major Transportation Plan was developed and public meetings were held in each of the 4 quadrants of the City to engage citizen feedback.   The City's engineering consultants on this project, Neel-Schaffer, provided a Powerpoint presentation and a list of proposed projects to City Council in August 2017.  Below are links to these documents as well as links to the FINAL 2040 Major Transportation Plan and the 2040 MTP GIS Map.

2040 Major Transportation Plan - Presentation by Neel-Schaffer (PDF) (City Council Workshop, August 3, 2017)

2040 Major Transportation Plan - Draft Projects proposed by Neel-Schaffer (PDF) (August 3, 2017)

2040 MTP GIS Map

FINAL 2040 Major Transportation Plan