Out-of-Town Visitors with Disabilities Policy

Visitors to the urbanized area of Murfreesboro may be eligible to receive temporary reduced fare and paratransit services without the need to apply through the eligibility process. Visitor status is limited to 21 (may be non-consecutive) days of reduced fare or paratransit service in a year.

Visitors with disabilities should contact the Murfreesboro Transit Eligibility office, at 615-217-6837, as far in advance as possible either to receive service or to request that verification of current Murfreesboro Transit certification be sent to another city.  Verification to another City or provider will be provided in the form of a letter unless other forms are required by the agency being visited.

Visitors must provide current reduced fare and/or ADA eligibility for paratransit service from the city or region in which they reside or documentation of place of residence and nature of their disability. This documentation should be in the form of a letter from the Visitor's current transit provider. Once eligibility is confirmed, visitors may schedule service for the next day.  Visitors who require more than 21 days of service in the year will be required to apply for and complete the full Murfreesboro eligibility process.

Out-of-Town Visitors with Disabilities Policy (pdf)