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Frequently Asked Questions About AMI

What is AMI? AMI stands for Advanced Metering Infrastructure. AMI is a meter system that uses automated, two-way radio communication between a smart utility meter and computer servers at your utility company. Murfreesboro Water & Sewer’s AMI uses wireless cellular technology to communicate meter readings to the department’s billing system. 

Why are we going to a new system? These new meters will allow more efficient and accurate reading of meters for billing purposes. In addition, this systems offers benefits to customers such as online access to consumption data, earlier leak detection, and water budgeting capabilities. 

Will I be charged for this service? No. The meter and installation are at no cost to the customer. 

Will my water bill go up? Our rates are not changing. However, older meters tend to be less accurate at measuring water used. Many meters in Murfreesboro are over 20 years old and are due for replacement. All new meters are tested at the factory (a percentage of the meters are also being tested at MWSD facilities) to ensure accuracy. New meters will measure more accurately and ensure fairness and equality for all customers by correctly measuring and billing residents and businesses. 

When can I expect my first bill that will reflect an AMI reading? The current billing schedule will not change, so you will continue to receive your bill at the same time each month. On your first bill after the meter change, you will see the final consumption and billing for the old meter and the initial consumption and billing for the new meter. Here is an example: 

AMI on the Bill

Who will install the new meters? The City of Murfreesboro has contracted with US Bronco to install these meters. US Bronco staff will have proper identification on their vehicles, plus ID badges. 

How long will the meter installation take? Under normal circumstances, the installation will take about 15 minutes. 

How will I know my meter has been changed? US Bronco will leave a sign in your yard, near your water meter, notifying you of the replacement. If, for some reason, water appears to be running after the meter is changed, US Bronco will turn the water off at the meter and leave you an additional notification. In the event your water is left off, please contact US Bronco at 615-513-5729 when you return home. 

What can I expect after the meter is changed? There may be a slight discoloration of your water for a very brief period when you first turn you water on after the change. This is normal and should go away within seconds. 

What if I have questions or fear I have a leak? Contact US Bronco at 615-513-5729. They will be glad to answer your questions and will send someone out if necessary. 

How does the meter reading system work and how do I know you have my reading and not someone else’s? The radio-frequency (RF) transmitter device to be installed on your water meter is programmed to automatically send the meter reading once an hour. Each meter and transmitter has a unique identification number that will ensure that only your reading is assigned to your account. The meter reading information will be delivered into the MWSD Customer Information System (CIS) for the customer service and billing department. Meter Pic

How do you know that my reading is accurate? The new water meters have electronic digital registers that send a meter reading signal to the radio-frequency (RF) transmitter device. This system reduces any human error. 

How do I know if higher usage may be a result of a leak in my plumbing system? New, more accurate meter may detect small leaks that the previous meter did not. Customers should check faucets for small drips and toilet tanks for small leaks into the toilet bowl. 

Is the new meter’s radio transmitter a hazard in any way? No. The radio signal is on for less than one second when it transmits. The reading device meets all Federal Communications Commission requirements and the power level is far below a level of any risk. 

Does the equipment have a hazard in its interior? No. Only standard electronics and batteries are inside the equipment. 

Will the radio interfere with my television, cordless phone, or other electronic devices? No. The radio transmission will occur on a licensed frequency very different from those used by television signals, cordless phones, and other electronic devices. In addition, the transmissions last less than a few seconds each month.

Who should I call if I have a billing question resulting from the AMI Program? If you have any questions regarding your water bill, as always please call MWRD Customer Service at 615-848- 3209, Select option 2 (customer service) when prompted by the automated system.