Crime Data Analysis Unit

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The Crime Analysis Unit consists of three Crime Data Analysts and a unit supervisor. The analysis performed by the Crime Analysis Unit is vital to detecting emerging crime series, identifying current hot spots, and delivering fulsome intelligence to assist with operations and investigations.

The duties of the Crime Analysis Unit include:

  • Creating weekly and biweekly products to identify patterns, trends, and hot spots for various criminal and non-criminal activity. Products may focus on traffic collisions, property crime, violent crime, or drug activity.
  • Monitoring and maintaining current crime statistics to detect abnormalities.
  • Developing and maintaining operational dashboards to facilitate decision-making. Dashboards may assist with determining trends in areas, days, or times.
  • Accessing data stored in a RDBMS to create specialized reports, products, or locate similar crimes.  
  • Using a GIS to produce pin, cluster, and/or density map to visualize problem areas.
  • Creating various models to streamline frequently occurring requests.
  • Creating link charts to assist with social network analysis, call data record analysis, or identifying links between cases.

Note: For additional information about Crime Analysts, visit the International Association of Crime Analysts website at

Meet The Team

Ashley Smith
CAU Supervisor
Crime Data Analyst
David Johnston
Crime Data Analyst

Stavros, Kim_Kimberley Stavros
Crime Data Analyst