Crime Data Analysis Unit

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Objective/Mission Statement

The Crime Analysis Unit uses an analytical approach to identify and map patterns of crime and other data to meet the tactical, strategic and administrative needs of the Murfreesboro Police Department. This includes producing timely and accurate information pertinent to crime and other matters occurring within the city limits.


Murfreesboro’s Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) is staffed by three employees; a unit supervisor and two Crime Analysts. The CAU also offers internship opportunities for students interested in the field of Criminal Justice, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Public Administration.  The analysis performed by the CAU is vital in tracking current and emerging crime series in the City of Murfreesboro.

Crime Analysis Unit Functions
  Conduct research and analyze crime statistics to publish the following:

  • Crime Maps
  • Annual and Quarterly Crime Reports
  • Quarterly Bench-marking for the Criminal Investigations Division
  • Bi-weekly Crime Bulletins: a compilation of serious crimes, patterns, and other information
  • patrol missions based on recently developed crime trends, patterns or series                                                        
Create a relational database including:

  • BOLOs, persons of interests, known gang members, etc purpose of a relational database: to organize data into several tables in order to determine commonalities among data
Perform link and cluster analysis using statistical software

  • Link analysis: technique to establish connections and relationships between objects 
  • examples: assess relationships of persons of interest based on phone records, familial ties, gang associates, etc; and/or identify firearms used across multiple cases based on recovered shell casings.
  • Cluster analysis: technique of grouping a set of objects that are alike to one another and at the same time are distinctly different from members outside the group. These observations can be based on geographical locations, similar MOs, 
 examples: series of thefts from motor vehicles happening in the same residential area

For more info visit the International Association of CRIME ANALYSTS website: