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Dawna Magliacano Painting
Dawna Magliacano Painting

We are very pleased and excited to announce the Murfreesboro Cultural Arts Laureates for 2022! Dancer Laureate, Meg Brooker will be keeping her title for another year, and former Actor Laureate, Cameron L. Mitchell has accepted the Poet Laureate position. Their Laureate theme this year will be, "Awakening Resilience". They did a fantastic job representing our city in 2021 and we know that good things await their newest appointment. Congratulations and best wishes for 2022!

For more information and to keep up with the Laureates' year, follow us on @CulturalArtsMurfreesboro.

2022-Laureate-Intro-Graphics, Meg Brooker and Cameron L. Mitchell

The Murfreesboro Cultural Arts Laureate Program is a notable honor for local artists, providing recipients with further opportunities to educate, advocate, and represent the community through their own creative initiatives. Laureates serve for one year with an optional one-year renewal.

The City of Murfreesboro recognized its third Painter, Poet and Photographer Laureates in January 2020. (Term begins January 2020 and ends December 2020). The City will recognize a Visual Arts Laureate and a Performing Arts Laureate in January 2021. Amie Whittemore will serve another year so is the 2021 Poet Laureate

2021-Laureate-Poster-8x102021 Laureates Church St Gallery, RAA

The Laureates are considered a civic appointment and one of honor. The Laureate program is designed to acknowledge the work and contributions of local artists. The selected artists receive a year’s commitment for exposure and community support for the work they do and a $500 monetary award. In turn, the Laureates will complete new work inspired by Murfreesboro, exhibit their practice and expertise at city events, and complete several community outreach arts related projects that will target non-traditional and/or under-served audiences during their tenure as Laureate. Laureates serve for one year. 

To be considered for the Laureate Program candidates must live or work in Murfreesboro, fill out the requisite program application, and agree to the responsibilities of the Laureate. 

The Cultural Arts Laureate Program was founded with the intent to give experienced individual artists an opportunity to share their talents with their community, offer youth citizens and emerging artists role models within their own community, and to encourage and nurture the growing arts and creative culture in Murfreesboro. The desired outcomes of this initiative are that each year the selected Laureates will use their creative practice to impact their community in a way that they find rewarding and continue to give time to after their term, that this program will encourage artists to set goals within their own community, that the community will be best served by the arts, and lives will be enriched by the work the Laureates accomplish. 

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