Evidence Section

The mission of the Property and Evidence Section is to provide secure, controlled storage of property acquired by Officers in the course of their duties and to safeguard and properly dispose of all property which comes into its custody.

Property and Evidence is entered and tracked in our Evidence Management System. Each item is bar-coded by the submitting Officer and scanned by an Evidence Tech as it enters and leaves the Property Room. This provides a detailed chain-of-custody report for each piece of evidence/property.

Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure property is returned to its rightful owner, unless it is contraband or must be held as evidence. Property of value, which cannot be returned to its owner, will be auctioned thru PropertyRoom.com (www.propertyroom.com). Contraband and property with no value will be destroyed.

Found property is held for 180 days per City policy. If you are a finder of property you may be eligible to claim the item after 180 days, please contact the Property Room for additional information.

Prior to any weapons being released, a background check will be performed to ascertain your eligibility to receive these weapons.

Property is released Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM, excluding holidays. The owner of property must provide a valid ID to claim items. To arrange for the release of property, please call (615) 849-2MPD (2673).


Pharmaceutical Drug Disposal Box helps citizens of Murfreesboro safely dispose their unused, and/or expired medications. This program not only prevents the diversion, misuse and abuse of such medications, but also keeps them from entering our environment and waterways.

Pharmaceuticals can be deposited in the receptacle located in the lobby of the Murfreesboro Police Department, 1004 N. Highland Ave., during normal business hours. Syringes and medical devices or accessories are not permitted.

The Pharmaceutical Drug Disposal program is sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.