Hosting a Tournament

Adams Tennis Complex offers 2 tournament options: 

  • 151 or more participants: 3 days usage of all 24 courts 
  • 150 or less participants: 1 day usage of all 24 courts OR 2 days usage of 16 courts

Please fill out and return the application form. If approved, the agreement will be written using the information from this application form. 

If you reserve for a large tournament and do not have the minimum 151 players sign up, you will be charged for the extra 8 courts for 2 days.

All tournaments have a $6 fee per participant.

Additional courts

  • 8 courts/day $50 
  • 16 courts/day $75 
  • 24 courts/day $125

Indoor courts are $6 per court hour if booked before contract is drafted. 

Indoor courts booked after contract is drafted will be $12 per court hour if available when requested.