Murfreesboro Indigenous Plant Project (MIPP)


An Initiative of Outdoor Murfreesboro's Natural Resource Division

Working to promote the conservation, preservation, and landscape use of native plants of Rutherford County and the Inner Central Basin of Middle Tennessee.


  • Provide locally-sourced native plant material for natural area/wildlife habitat restoration in Murfreesboro
    • To responsibly collect desirable plants and seeds from local native plant populations
    • To propagate, grow, and maintain a supply of native plant species
  • Provide desirable native plants and seeds for:
    • Murfreesboro Parks & Rec natural area restoration projects and select landscaping projects
    • Other Murfreesboro City Department sites for select plantings
    • City and neighboring residents for home landscape use
  • Provide information to citizens on the value of: 
    • Native plant communities for supporting wildlife
    • Native riparian plant communities for ensuring good water quality
    • Using native plants for landscaping 
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Meet MIPP:

Ways to Help

It takes many hands to run a plant nursery. We couldn't do it without our volunteers and the support and encouragement we receive from our community.lmay seed collecting

CiA Logo low resThere are many ways you can be involved:

  • Volunteer  From nursery care to cleaning seeds, volunteers keep us successful. Sign up for specific events or just let us know your interests and we'll contact you when we have an upcoming event we think you might enjoy. Learn More
  • Collect seeds  from desirable species on your property for us to grow in our nursery. (See below)
  • Landscape with native plants  We can help you figure out what species would do well in your yard. MIPP Plant Guide on iNaturalist
  • Don't grow invasive exotic plant species  Big box chains and nurseries continue to sell invasive exotic plant species that damage rather than support local ecosystems. Learn what these plants are, and avoid using them in your landscape.

MIPP Collection Poster