Natural Resource Division

Outdoor Murfreesboro Natural Resources logo - Orange circle, white bird on branch silhouette, textSet in the heart of Middle Tennessee, Murfreesboro is surrounded by one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in North America. Outdoor Murfreesboro’s Natural Resource Team works to:

  • Catalog the amazing diversity of species in our natural areas and monitor native plant and animal populations.
  • Manage Murfreesboro's natural areas to support ecosystem health and function, biological integrity, and human enjoyment.
  • Restore degraded natural areas to a more pristine state by removing exotic invasive plants and animals, revegetating with locally-native (indigenous) plant species, and mitigating issues caused by runoff and pollution.
  • Build community partnerships and outfit Murfreesboro’s residents with knowledge and tools to practice environmental conservation at home and in the community.
  1. Natural Resource Management
  2. M'boro Indigenous Plant Project
  3. Conservation in Action

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Outdoor Murfreesboro Natural Resources logo - Orange circle, white bird on branch silhouette, text

It's what we do. 

Natural resource management is the informed stewardship of natural spaces and systems, including their component parts, such as soil, water, vegetation, and wildlife. From pollinator plots at Old Fort Park to water quality improvement in our streams and rivers, and from biological surveys to trail maintenance, our team is engaged in monitoring and improving conditions in Murfreesboro's natural areas. 

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Help us care for the natural spaces in Murfreesboro's parks, get some fresh air and exercise, and meet others who share your enthusiasm for nature! Visit our SignUp Genius site to see a complete list of scheduled volunteer opportunities, or Learn More.