Conservation in Action

CIA-GifConservation in Action is demonstrated by the people in our community who engage in active stewardship of our natural resources. We appreciate all of the individuals, groups, and organizations that work with us, with each other, and independently to restore and maintain the health of the local ecosystem, including land, water, wildlife, and vegetation. 

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Our annual Conservation Days event celebrates these people and Murfreesboro's natural setting with hikes with naturalists, hands-on activities, knowledgeable speakers on related topics, and exhibits by community and regional natural resource stewards. The 2023 theme: Where We Live - The Plants, Animals, and Geology of Middle Tennessee's Central Basin

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  1. Community Partners
  2. Individuals & Groups
  3. OMNR Projects

Scouts removing a cut tree from a bioretention basin in autumnOMNR works with many civic groups and local government entities towards shared management goals. Their ongoing involvement and support, as well as the conservation work they do independent of our joint projects, is vital. Joint efforts include restoration projects such as the Old Fort Park Pollinator Plot, shoreline restoration at Murfree Spring Wetlands, and the Sinking Creek Wetlands, arboretum, bioretention basin, and gardens at Oaklands Park.

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Volunteer with Us!

People picking up trash along a river in summer

OUTDOOR MURFREESBORO LOGO - white bird on branch silhouette in orange circle Signup Genius logo and text Opens in new windowOutdoor Murfreesboro offers many volunteer activities in the great outdoors throughout the year. Come help us care for Murfreesboro's wonderful natural setting, get some fresh air, and meet others who share your enthusiasm for nature. Use our Signup Genius forms to register for specific events or to let us know your interests and join our mailing list. We'll contact you when we have an upcoming event we think you might enjoy.

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