Public Comment

The purpose of City Council meetings is to conduct the city’s business. It is not a public forum in which people can speak on any matter. However, the City Council allows for public comment during Special meetings for the sole purpose of hearing comments from members of the public.  These meetings will be held at 5:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month if Council is scheduled to hold its regular meeting on the same day. 

Members of the public may register their request to speak by calling the Mayor’s office at 615-849-2629, or by emailing the City. with their name and address. Speakers will be recognized in the same sequence as they registered; “first come, first served”. Speakers will be limited to three (3) minutes; speakers representing a clearly established group or entity may speak for five (5) minutes. If there is time available after all pre-registered speakers have completed their remarks, other persons present may request recognition. Such participants will also be required to provide their name and address and will be limited to three (3) minutes. No speaker may speak more than once a meeting.

All speakers must confine their remarks to a topic over which the City has jurisdiction and use appropriate language (no personal attacks or threatening or obscene language). Speakers should not address issues which are to be the subject of a public hearing before the Council at a regular meeting nor speak for or against a particular political candidate. Speakers must receive the prior approval of the City TV staff for any electronic presentation.