Community Gallery at The Washington Theatre

The Washington Theatre at Patterson Park Community Center houses the Community Gallery and project space, featuring the work of local artists.

Our mission is to offer a centralized platform for the local community to engage in the production of, and ideas generated by, contemporary art through exhibitions, dialogue, educational programming, and community events. 

The gallery exists to introduce contemporary art into a community space where people already gather, and to those who may not have regular access to art museums and galleries. The nature of Patterson Park Community Center as a historic place of collective activity and exchange in the community provides a practical model for social practice in contemporary art.

The gallery extends established artists the opportunity to show their work outside of normal art-world settings and presents the work of those who are not able to show their work in other capacities. This space does not fix traditional curatorial expectations but instead hopes to offer an example of an evolving and educational contemporary art space that reflects both the community and conversations relevant to the world at large.

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Past Exhibits

Frank Baugh - Common Mystery Exhibit


Barbara and Leroy Hodges

Living in a 3-D World Arts Break

Sally Govan Community Gallery PosterDog Painting by Sally Govan