Community Affairs                 

Plans, organizes, and implements community outreach efforts to enhance understanding to the general public, customers, and public agencies of MWRD Activities and Initiatives.

Cross-Connection Control                 

Inspects irrigation systems and requires a backflow prevention system which prevents contaminants from flowing backwards into the water system.

Customer Service 

Assists customers with new and existing service, billing, and leak adjustments.

Effective Utility Management                 

Effective Utility Management is a comprehensive water sector utility performance assessment and management framework, endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and ten national water sector associations dedicated to improving products and services, increasing community support for water services, and ensuring a strong and viable utility into the future.


The Engineering Department provides assistance with water, sewer, and re-purified water in developed and undeveloped areas and determines availability and costs for services in new areas.

Fats, Oils & Grease                 

The FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) management program regulates wastewater discharged into the City of Murfreesboro’s sewer collection system by commercial sewer customers to prevent blockages in the sewer collection system caused by the accumulation of FOG.


Plans, organizes, and manages departmental administrative services including, but not limited to, personnel, accounting, budgeting, cost of service studies, capital project financial monitoring, and office automation.

GIS Maps                 

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department provides water, sewer, re-purified water, and stormwater maps for public use.

Operations & Maintenance                 

Operations and Maintenance constructs, maintains and rehabilitates water and sewer lines.

Stones River Water Treatment Plant                 

The Stones River Water Treatment Plant operates 24 hours per day, every day of the year, and consistently produces finished water that meets or exceeds all state and federal criteria for drinking water quality.


The stormwater program strives to improve the quality of local streams by ensuring clean stormwater runoff through education and outreach, monitoring and sampling, illicit discharge elimination, and implementation of municipal best management practices.  


Water Resources Recovery Facility          

The Murfreesboro Water Resources Recovery Facility is responsible for ensuring that pollutants and harmful nutrients are removed from the wastewaters of the City's domestic and industrial customers.