Townhome Permits


Townhomes are defined as a single-family dwelling unit constructed in a group of three or more attached units in which each unit extends from foundation to roof and with a yard or public way on not less than two sides. Townhomes may be rented or individual units may be sold or leased. 

Site, building plans and plan review applications must be submitted for each building and unit type and include details and sections of the unit separation wall. Townhomes must comply with the current adopted residential building code.  Individual building permits will be issued for each building, therefore only one Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for each building. If the contractor requests a Certificate of Occupancy before all the units are completed a fee will be charged for the additional Certificates.

Building permit fees will be based on heated and unheated square footage in accordance with the adopted fee schedule.


Current adopted codes and amendments are available for review.


A Rutherford County Schools Facilities Tax Receipt for each unit is required prior to issuance of the permit.

Townhome Permit Application