Commercial Permits

trustpoint hospitalCommercial & Industrial Building Permits and Plans Review

Commercial projects include hotels, motels, apartment buildings (excluding Townhomes) with 3 or more units, retail, business, industrial and assembly uses. Permits are required for all Commercial new construction, additions, renovations and alteration projects. Commercial permitting requires a plan review before issuing any permits. Two copies of the plans should be submitted by mail or delivered in person along with a completed Plan Review Application. We currently do not have a plan review fee.  In some cases, plans must be stamped by a Tennessee Licensed Architect or Engineer in accordance with state law.  A copy of the signed seal is acceptable on the plans that are submitted.

Submitted plans are reviewed within two weeks and a plan review comment list will be generated for the applicant.  The list will include comments from other departments including Fire and Rescue, MWRD and Electric Department and will inform the applicant of what steps must be taken to obtain the permit which could include fees to be paid or revisions to the drawings.  The City of Murfreesboro is Plans Review exempt under Tennessee Law TCA 68-120-101.

If you have questions about the process, please contact our Plans Examiner via email or phone 615-893-3750. 

Our current adopted codes and amendments are available for your review.

Schedule of Fees for Permits

Permit Fee Schedules


New Construction and Remodels

Inspections of commercial and residential projects are conducted by city inspectors who are responsible for inspecting the building, plumbing, gas, mechanical systems, and electrical systems. 

If you need an inspection, please call our office at 615-893-3750 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.  Please have ready your permit number and type of inspection.  

Murfreesboro building permit and inspection services are now available to register online.