Sub Permits

constructiontoolsSub permits are required whenever plumbing, gas, mechanical or electrical work is being performed. Sub permits cannot be issued until a building permit is issued.  If a building permit is not required, the Permit Technician may need to consult with an inspector prior to issuing the permit.


The City of Murfreesboro has local licensing requirements for gas and electrical contractors.  The Gas Licensing Ordinance and board members regulate Contractors License for natural and propane gas systems for residential and commercial gas projects.


The City of Murfreesboro also has a local license requirement for residential and commercial electrical contractors. The Electric Contractors Licensing Board and Ordinance regulate four different license types that contractors may apply for.

Building and Codes City Licenses


Installation and repair of backflow preventors must be permitted through our office.  The installer must be certified with the State of Tennessee as a Backflow Assembly  Tester.  A current certificate must be on file with our office at time of permitting.

Sub Permit Application Forms

 Plumbing Permit

 Electrical Permit Residential

 Electrical Permit Commercial

 Mechanical Permit

 Gas Permit 

You may email your permit requests or fax to 615-217-3016.  

Schedule of Fees for Permits

 Permit Fee Schedules