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Department History

The earliest records available indicate the Murfreesboro Police Department was founded in 1931.  From humble beginnings as a rural community based on agrarian economy, Murfreesboro has evolved into a vibrant center for industry, commerce and education.  The Police Department has grown also, from a staff of less than five to more than 366 full and part-time employees, with a sworn police force of more than 269 officers.  Nine (9) Chiefs and two (2) Commissioners have directed the agency during its brief history.  As the department moves forward, our evolution continues with the integration of community policing, technology enhancements and an improved, more efficient organizational structure dedicated to the mission of "creating a better quality of life."  A monumental obelisk on Old Lascassas Pike commemorates Murfreesboro as the geographic center of Tennessee.  In 1986, Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce adopted, "The Heart of Tennessee" logo to emphasize the central location of our community and the spirit of its people. 

Chiefs of Police/Safety Commissioners

Through the years there have been nine Chiefs and two Safety Commissioners to lead the Murfreesboro Police Department. Chief J.A. Hall was the first chief to lead the department in 1931.  Chief W.T. McNabb served from April 12, 1931 - March 29, 1935.  Chief N.W. Powers served from March 28, 1935 - October 1, 1958. Chief Claude Vance served from October 1, 1958 - January 18, 1962.  Chief Bobby Lynch served from January 18, 1962 - November 3, 1963.  Chief William I. "Buddy" Chambliss served from November 8, 1963 - June 30, 1976.  Safety Commissioner Claude A. Armour served from February 1, 1975 - February 28, 1979.  Chief Ralph H. Vance served from July 2, 1976 0 November 30, 1976.  Chief E. N. Brown served from April 22, 1978 - June 3, 1987.  Police Commissioner Bill Jones served from January 19, 1987 - January 10, 2005, Chief Glenn Chrisman served from September 3, 2003 - July 26, 2017.  Chief Michael Bowenis the present Chief of Police. 

Chief JA HallChief J.A. HallChief WT McNabbChief W.T. McNabb

Chief NW PowersChief N.W. Powers

Chief Claude VanceChief Claude Vance
Chief Bobby LynchChief Bobby Lynch
Chief William Buddy Chambliss
Chief Buddy Chambliss
Chief ArmourSafety Commissioner

Claude Armour

Chief Ralph H. VanceChief Ralph Vance
Chief E.N. BrownChief E.N. Brown
bill jones
Police Commissioner

Bill Jones

Chief Glen Chrismon
Chief Glenn Chrisman

Bowen - PhotoChief Michael Bowen