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Subdivision regulations are the rules the state authorizes a community to adopt that govern the planning, design, construction, and development of public infrastructure. The City of Murfreesboro has divided these into two separate but companion documents. 

The first of these documents, titled Subdivision Regulations, regulate the process for developing property that will include public infrastructure such as public streets, storm drains, street signs, and street lighting. Subdivision Regulations include the requirements for submittal of master plans, preliminary plats, construction plans, and final plats for review by the Planning Commission. This document will be of considerable use to planners, developers, engineers, and surveyors as they navigate the process of land development. 

The second document, titled Street Design Specifications, includes the specifications for the construction of public infrastructure elements including curb and gutters, sidewalks, roadways, drainage culverts, etc. This document is more technical in nature and includes typical drawings for the design and construction of public infrastructure. This document will be of considerable use to engineers and contractors. 

Download these documents, or they are available for review and/or purchase by calling 615-893-6441 or at the Murfreesboro Planning Department in City Hall at: 
111 W. Vine St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129