Crime Scene Unit

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The Crime Scene Unit (CSU) consists of specially trained detectives whose primary function is to identify, collect, preserve, and process evidence related to major criminal incidents. The Crime Scene Unit prepares evidence for the crime lab and presents evidence in court related to significant criminal events.

New Equipment

This year the Crime Scene Unit added a cyanoacrylate fuming chamber, a down-flow workstation, a ductless workstation, a photography copy stand and an evidence drying cabinet. CSU members have also been in the process of testing several different forensic light sources. With the addition of this equipment we now have the ability to do the majority of latent print processing in house using both powder and chemical methods of processing.

CSU now has the ability to do serial number restoration and evidence quality photography as well as examine articles for biological substances. This adds to the existing inventory of equipment including a Krimesite Imager, a DFO development control chamber, a crime scene mapping total station, as well as several other pieces of crime scene equipment. With this new equipment, the unit expects to see quicker results and relieve the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab of some of the services they currently provide.