Personnel Section

The Police Personnel Section is responsible for weekly time accountability and overtime payments for approximately 317 employees of the Police Department. In addition to time accountability, this section is also responsible for maintaining personnel files including sick, vacation, and compensatory time balances. This section assists employees with medical issues, administers the sick abuse report, files supervisor event reports, and employee evaluations.

The Personnel Section also schedules and processes promotions within the department. This section answers telephone inquiries concerning employees, assists with media requests, assists with all planned functions occurring in the Administrative Services Division, and interacts with the public, city officials, and department heads and their designees.

Personnel schedules interviews for job openings, oversee compliance with pre-employment requirements, and assists in new employee orientation. In the calendar year 2012, we employed a number of new employees, including six police officers, four dispatchers, two information desk clerks, and four part-time school traffic enforcement personnel.