Lost and Found

Lost and Found Items at a Facility

  • Found items will be tagged and logged.
  • Valuable items (e.g. credits cards, cellphones, debit cards, ID cards, jewelry, wallets) will be put in a secured location.
  • All other items will be put in a designated area.
  • Items that have identification: Contact will be attempted within 24 hours of receipt of item.
  • Lost and found items are retained for a period of 30 days at the facility. After 30 days they will be pick up and stored at a central designated location for 5 additional months.
  • Unclaimed items will be donated after the 5-month retention period. Items will be donated to a non-profit/non resale organization (e.g,. Greenhouse Ministries)
  • Valuable items will be sent to the Murfreesboro Police Department after 30 days of receipt of item.

Note: Some personal items, including towels, food, beverages, socks, undergarments, baby bottles, pacifiers, and toiletries may be discarded for sanitary reasons.