St. Clair Senior Center

Welcome to St. Clair Senior Center

Since 1980, the St. Clair Street Senior Center has been helping seniors live an active and independent lifestyle for as long as possible and without regard to socioeconomic status.

The St. Clair Street Senior Center provides a warm, caring place where those over the age of 60 can come together with other adults for services and activities that reflect shared experiences and skills, support one's needs and interests, broadens independence and maintains one's involvement in the community.


To provide vibrant public spaces and inclusive programs, delivered with visionary leadership and caring staff that engage the individual and strengthen the quality of life of our community.

Senior Center Catalog of Activities
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St. Clair Walking Group

st clair greenway walking group stops by the ice skating rink

Let's get out and enjoy the brisk days of winter with a walk on our beautiful Greenway Trails! Meet us on Tuesday afternoons at 2:00 pm. We will walk as long as it is not raining or snowing and the temp is above 32 degrees. Check out the calendar for dates and locations or call 615-848-2550 for more information.