Yard Waste Collection


The City of Murfreesboro Solid Waste Department initiated a yard waste program in September of 1997 with the purchase of a Mobark Wood Hog mulcher.

In 2005, the mulcher was upgraded to a Hogzilla tubgrinder, allowing greater speed and a finer grade of mulch.


This program consists of the collection of limbs, brush and discarded Christmas trees from all residents in the city using two-man knuckleboom crews.

Two to four collection crews have been used daily for limb and brush collection. The yard waste is brought to the tubgrinder's location at:
4765 Florence Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

The mulch resulting from the collected debris is provided free of charge to the public and city departments.

Annual Leaf Collection

The annual leaf collection provided by the street department is also combined with the mulching program. This program has provided for the diversion of a combined estimate of 142,619 cubic yards of yard waste (128,980 cubic yards of limbs and brush, 13,639 cubic yards of leaves) as reported to the state the last two years.

It is a highly effective, low cost program using minimum labor. And, we have been able to claim 100 percent recycling credit for the above yard waste the last two years in a row.

In addition to the recycling benefits, the public and city departments also benefit from the use of the free mulch.